Environmental Funerals

Monterey Solid Untreated Pine Environmental Casket

At Marsden House we believe in practises that are eco-friendly and are eco-aware. Our services include options for those conscious about their effect on the environment. This includes our casket selection, with caskets made from renewable sources; as well as our embalming, cremation and burial practises.

There is currently a lot of discussion as to the most environmentally friendly caskets to use for cremation and burial. Still the most suitable material for the safe and effective carriage of the body is untreated pine. This renewable resource breaks down naturally with no harmful emissions. Interestingly, it also uses considerably less fuel in the cremation process than the recently introduced cardboard caskets.

With so many different messages about what positively or negatively effects the environment, it is hard to know what to believe. Talk to us about how our practises are both environmentally aware and beneficial.

The purpose of our policy is to obtain the lowest carbon footprint possible. With all our practices we believe what we have to offer is the best possible available in New Zealand.

Click here find out about our annual tree planting memorial, which is both a way to remember the legacy of those that have been lost, as well as something positive for the environment and community