Beyond the obvious benefits of enabling a family to take the time required to prepare for a funeral, there are also established health reasons for embalming and important long-term environmental benefits.

Although embalming is not compulsory, unless the body is being repatriated to another country, the risk of infection from leaving the body untreated prior to the funeral makes embalming the healthiest option for family members and any others coming into contact with the body. The effects of long-term use of medication, viral and bacterial infection or post-mortem investigation can cause rapid changes in the deceased, embalming ensures that the body is maintained in a condition suitable for viewing. It also ensures that there are no health risks, either to family in the short-term pre-burial or to the environment once burial has taken place.

After dealing with any existing infection or disease, Aldehydes, the principal ingredient of most embalming fluids, consisting of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, are neutralised upon contact with soil. During cremation these Aldehydes are completely destroyed, becoming carbon dioxide and water. Recent studies of ground water in cemeteries, as well as air samples from crematoria, have shown that embalming causes no pollution to burial grounds or the atmosphere.

Embalmers are skilled and qualified people, working within Codes of Ethics and Practice to Standards set by the NZEA (The New Zealand Embalmers Association) and the FDANZ (Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand). They are required to keep up with innovations and developments in embalming technique.

The importance of people having time to grieve well cannot be understated. Embalming allows the opportunity for everyone to say their goodbyes properly and safely and ensures the long-term health of the environment.

We use embalming methods that are environmentally friendly, which include a new generation of chemicals specially designed to protect the environment. Embalming offers the most environmentally friendly option –talk to us today to find out more about why.